Alignment Healing     

Greg Vrona, D.C.

Chiropractic, through the use of adjustments (or spinal manipulation), works to improve spinal alignment, joint function, nervous system function, and body balance in order to optimize the body’s physical performance and self-healing ability. Chiropractic has always emphasized the importance of the nervous system as the master controller of the body. Spinal adjustments remove stress or pressure on nerves, thereby improving nervous system function.

While there are likely too many different chiropractic techniques to count, I primarily use the following:

  • Cox Flexion/Distraction- A form of traction or decompression for the lower spine, especially useful for disc problems.
  • Thompson Drop Table- A classic chiropractic technique using segments in the table which drop to assist the adjustment.
  • Diversified Technique- A chiropractic technique used by most chiropractors, involving spinal joint mobilization and alignment.
  • Myofascial Release- A bodywork technique which unwinds and releases restricted and shortened fascia in the body.

In general, my chiropractic approach is slow and gentle. I rarely use high velocity rotational (or twisting) moves in the neck or lower back. Instead, I prefer to use slow myofascial release for the neck, which works very well for neck pain, headaches, sinus pressure, and other forms of head/neck dysfunction. For the lower back, I prefer to use Cox flexion/distraction, which gently disengages the lumbar vertebrae, opening and realigning the joint spaces.